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HomeBusinessAn Acer revenue low of NT$13.633 billion for January

An Acer revenue low of NT$13.633 billion for January

As a result of the ongoing PC industry correction and the Lunar New Year holiday, Acer consolidated revenue for January this year was approximately NT$13.633 billion (currently around RMB 3.081 billion). This represents a 40.45 percent drop sequentially and a 45.81 percent year-over-year decline, hitting a 35-month low.

The company’s strategy of developing multiple business engines continues to show momentum, with non-PC and display businesses contributing 35.3% of the company’s total revenue in January, according to a recent statement from the company.

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Comparatively, Acer’s December 2022 revenue was NT$22.892 billion (currently approximately RMB 5.174 billion), which is up 21.1% sequentially and down 22.9% year-over-year. There were NT$275.430 billion in consolidated revenues for Acer in 2022 (approximately RMB 62.247 billion at the moment), down 13.7% from last year.

Earlier in January, Acer Group founder John Shih said he considered Intel’s losses and HP’s layoffs as warning signs that the PC industry is saturated, regardless of whether you are Intel, HP, or Acer, and that it means the industry has reached a point where it must actively transform itself to remain competitive.


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