The Meizu 20 series of borderless phones continues to enhance its new features with Meizu technology. As a result of infrared technology, the home is borderless. In the first time in the history of the Meizu 20 series, we have an infrared remote control built in, which is the key to controlling your smart home. By utilizing the infrared remote control function of the phone, it is possible to transform the phone into a remote control, which is typically used to control air conditioners, TVs, set-top boxes and other similar devices.

As part of the new Meizu 20 series of cell phones, a new generation borderless ecosystem called Flyme 10 will be unveiled, which will make use of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, the intelligent thinking engine that has been upgraded from “OneMind 888+” to “OneMind 10.0”. As a boundless car-linked computing center, the new generation of Boundless Ecosystem Flyme 10 will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, an upgraded intelligent thinking engine from “OneMind 888+” to “OneMind 10.0” and will be built as a boundless car-linked system. There are also rumors that the Meizu 20 series will feature a full range of flexible straight screens (2K is rumored), equipped with an ultrasonic fingerprint 2.0, which will enable wet hand unlocking with 0.075s speed, and have LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 flash storage as well.

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According to the previously reported renders, the Meizu 20 Pro has a straight-screen design with a minimalist vertical image module, which is basically the same case design as the Meizu 20 series that has been revealed previously.

By creating a multi-terminal, full-scene, immersive experience, the company intends to create a better quality experience for its users, a more enjoyable experience for both the company and the user. With the application for registration of the trademarks “Boundless Car” and “Boundless Phone”, the company is expected to lay out a dual track for cell phones and cars to implement a new experience of boundless integration as part of the company’s branding strategy.


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