The disagreements between Apple and the French government seem to be going on and it looks like the whole scenario has taken yet another turn. Indeed back in September of last year, Apple actually agreed with the French government to couple earbuds right into the iPhones package for the country – and this agreement came about courtesy of Apple’s failure to comply with a rather specific French law.

The law in place specified that all of the handsets which happen to be sold in France must come about with the aid of an accessory which would have the capabilities limit the user’s exposure of his head to radioelectric emissions when making use of the phone.

Apple of course had already left the earbuds right out of the package for the iPhone 12 back in 2020. The tech giant had to navigate through the issue and did so by packaging the iPhone 12 models for France in a separate box which happened to have included earphones within – as per what was the requirement in respect of the French law.

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However, now though, a change in the extant law now specifically goes on to stats that manufacturers of smartphones are now no longer required to give headphones/hands-free kits in the country.

And with that in mind then, Apple will start selling its iPhones in France without there being earbuds within and this will take effect starting the 24th of January. This all of course comes as a result of the change in law which has made its way – which in itself was rather controversial to say the least. And as a matter of fact, resellers based in France have already stopped bundling the earphones with the iPhones – and have done so since the 17th of January. And so, the iPhone package now will only feature with a Lightning to USB-C cable as an accessory.


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