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National Job portal to be launched by Govt For all skilled youth

The Pakistanigovernment is looking to introduce the National Job Portal, in an attempt toconnect all the youth which are certified on the basis of what their potentialemployers might look for.…

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TCS ECOM and Yayvo & Sentiments Express offering job opportunities

TCS ECOM which is the Pakistan’s leading Logistics Company with its subsidiaries Yayvo & Sentiments Express. They recently have announced more than 30 job opportunities in the technology sector of…

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Some basic online job hunting tricks to follow for career building

How to hunt online jobs? Some basic online job hunt tricks to follow for career building With the increasing online job portals and applications,  job seekers are turning their ways…

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Pakistan fertile for Jobs in Accounting; claims ACCA

Pakistan’s recent census 2017 has revealed a staggering population of 210 million and according to the UN population fund report, 63% or 132 million are between the ages of 18…

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Google brings a new service to assist businesses recruit

Google is going to launch a new service soon; it’s a new service that helps businesses to handle their internal hiring procedure efficiently and effectively. “Hire” is incorporated with G…

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PITB is now hiring IT professionals for several vacant positions in 286 Tehsils

PITB has always been a great motivation for IT professionals in Pakistan. We are not certainly the admirer of PML-N but we have to admit that bringing Dr. Umar Saif…

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