China sees a rise in smartphone shipments against all odds

China sees a rise in smartphone shipments against all odds

The smartphone market that happens to be based in China is seemingly witnessing a rebound, as far as the latest numbers coming in suggest. Indeed the data goes on to show that China had shipped in and around 324.8 million smartphones at the hands of its domestic market in that of 2021 – which of course goes on to indicate a 15.9% improvement from the previous year. The numbers do indeed show a rather strong performance given the large dip which occurred thanks to the pandemic. The current figure though falls below pre-pandemic performance, however, the outlook does indeed look rather bright.

In 2020, the total shipments amounted to around 296 million smartphones, which was then a 20.4% decline from its 2019 high of about 372 million units. The data happened to have been pieced together from governmental sources. All in all, the aggregate numbers certainly show a comeback for a large number of Chinese brands that had witnessed major declines thanks to the pandemic as well as other factors top. The global chip shortage which still continues to persist, was of course yet another possible factor which ended up slowing down growth to much of an extent.

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Of course the Chinese smartphone market happens to be an extremely competitive one as there are a large number of local brands that are successfully taking up bits of the domestic market. Apple has of course continued to showcase a strong presence within the domestic market – including that of both Hong Kong as well as Taiwan. The Chinese domestic market all in all is indeed at a rebound stage and the projections as far as the future is concerned also seem to be really positive too – with there being suggestions that soon in the future, the performances will end up surpassing the pre-pandemic performance this year.


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