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The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has summoned 24 officials from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) regarding alleged fraudulent plot allotments. The officials from the CDA’s land directorate have been called in two groups on July 10 and July 11 to provide statements and respond to inquiries led by Sub-Inspector Kashif Awan.

Sources indicate that these officials are under investigation for their role in allotting plots in sector I-11/2 based on potentially falsified documents. The investigation, launched last year, focuses on 43 suspicious files related to plot allocations.

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Additionally, the investigation is looking into plots allegedly allocated using backdated files. It is alleged that some plots were initially allotted using forged documents, followed by amendments to relocate them (corrigendum). Furthermore, officials from the land directorate are accused of allotting plots in sectors I-11 and I-12 using signatures backdated in violation of established regulations.

In 2017, the CDA listed 800 available plots across sectors, with approximately 250 allocated through balloting and the remainder reserved for future allocation. However, recent revelations in 2021-22 suggest nearly 300 plots were allotted under questionable circumstances, including backdated approvals allegedly involving property dealers.

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