Samsung’s BESPOKE lineup of products has the tendency to offer a large amount of customizability to consumers. Previously, it was only subject to being limited to household appliances. However, late in 2021, the Korean manufacturer actually introduced this particular option for smartphones too – starting first and foremost with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. And now, in accordance with what the latest rumors are suggesting, the upcoming Galaxy S22 too could end up getting a Bespoke Edition.

In accordance with what a user belonging to Naver has claimed, Samsung is indeed rumored to release the Galaxy S22 Bespoke edition. In the current moment in time, the company hasn’t exactly decided on this particular matter just yet.

It has been claimed that either the brand will end up offering a Bespoke model, or either it will simply sell the handset in those five exclusive colors – all in a separate fashion. It is expected then that more information will indeed flow through as we near the launch.

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Bespoke products coming in from Samsung end up allowing customers to customize to some extent. Consumers indeed have a wide variety of color options to choose from. Courtesy also then of the rather tedious process which happens to be involved in both the manufacturing as well as the logistics, these products are only available in a select number of countries.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung actually only offers five colors for the rear panel and two for the sake of the frame. Considering the fact that the foldable makes way with the aid of two rear panels, consumers will then get to choose from 49 color combinations.

On the other side of the picture, the Galaxy S22 happens to be more of a slab phone and so it will likely come with around ten color options – unless of course Samsung decides to add new colors to the mix.


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