The Galaxy S20 series was launched by Samsung at a price of $999 ($100 higher than the Galaxy S10) when it was released. In order to attract customers, Samsung was forced to lower the price on the Galaxy S21 series when it launched due to a number of factors, such as poor sales. The Galaxy S22 series was also released by Samsung at the same price as the Galaxy S22.

According to Samsung, the price of its next-generation Galaxy S23 series smartphones, which include the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra, may increase in the near future.

There are rumors that Samsung will be raising the price of the Galaxy S23 series by $100 (currently about 677 CNY) in the United States as reported by 9To5Google. AU$1,350 will be the going rate for the 128 GB version of the Galaxy S23, and AU$1,450 for the 256 GB version, according to the report. There are reports that the 64GB version of the Galaxy S23+ will cost approximately AU$1,650, while the 128GB version of the Galaxy S23+ could cost approximately AU$1,950.

Accordingly, the Samsung Galaxy S23 base model, Galaxy S23+ base model, and Galaxy S23 Ultra base model could cost $899, $1,099, and $1,299, respectively, in the US.

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As a result of rising component costs and rising inflation, Samsung’s S23 series of smartphones might have been priced higher than the previous series. While it is not as good as the $1,000 starting price of the Galaxy S20 series, it is still better than nothing at all.

Those who pre-order Galaxy S23 series smartphones in advance will be able to take advantage of a larger discount if they do so. There will be no charge for Samsung’s storage upgrade service. A user can, for example, buy a phone that has 256GB of storage for the same price as the phone that has 128GB of storage. Also, Samsung can give away a free Galaxy Buds 2 Pro wireless headphone as well as a variety of other items as well.

Samsung Store credit of $50 will be given to users in the US if they pre-order a Galaxy S23 device from the company.

If you reserve two Galaxy devices through the Samsung Store, you will get $100 in Samsung Store credit. In addition, you can use this credit in-store to order accessories for your Galaxy S23 device.


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