The interim federal government announced on Thursday a hike in the prices of both petrol and high-speed diesel. As per a notification released by the Finance Division, the price of petrol will see an increase of Rs. 2.73 per liter, bringing it to Rs. 275.62 per liter, while high-speed diesel will witness a jump of Rs. 8.37 per liter, reaching Rs. 287.3 per liter. These revised prices will come into effect from February 16.

This adjustment marks the second consecutive increase in petroleum prices by the caretaker government. In the previous review conducted fortnightly, petrol prices surged by Rs. 13.55 per liter to Rs. 272.89 per liter, and high-speed diesel prices went up by Rs. 2.75 per liter to Rs. 278.96 per liter.

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Earlier in the day, the federal cabinet greenlit a significant 67 percent rise in gas prices for residential users. This decision comes on the heels of a staggering over 1100 percent increase in gas prices implemented earlier under the caretaker administration.


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