In November last year, Genesis officially launched the GV60 model in the Chinese market. Designed as a pure electric luxury SUV, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 is not only the first product based on the E-GMP platform, but it is also a sibling of the Hyundai IONIQ 6, a model based on the same platform, which is the Kia EV6 as well.

As of right now, this model is open for intentional orders with an intentional deposit of $1888, and it is officially open for intentional orders. The official website (the official website address) is where interested users can find more information about the application.

A pure electric midsize SUV based on E-GMP pure electric platform built from the ground up, the GV60 is the first model built on this platform and continues the family-style design language that has become synonymous with the brand, while also demonstrating a stronger sense of technology. Additionally to the GV60, Genesys will be offering the electric sedan G80 and electric SUV GV70 (which are not E-GMP based) as well as the GV60.

On the exterior of the car, the new model adopts a new design language, with split headlights and a closed grille. It features a sliding back of the vehicle and hidden door handles on the sides of the vehicle. Also, there is a spoiler at the back of the car, as well as split taillights at the back of the car.

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There are 4515/1890/1580mm of length, width, and height in this model, with a wheelbase of 2900mm, depending on what the dimensions of the model are.

A dual-linked screen design, a dual-spoke steering wheel and a crystal ball gearshift mechanism can be found on the interior of the new car that follows the Genesys design language. As a matter of fact, when the vehicle is started, the crystal ball will automatically move along with it. There are not many new energy vehicles that have such a feature as this.

It is currently available overseas in three different power versions, which include the following versions:

It is also available in a Standard Model RWD (Standard Rear-Wheel Drive), a rear-wheel drive version with 168 kW of power and 350 Nm of torque, with a range of 451 km at a given standard.

AWD Standard Model (Standard 4WD) is a four-wheel drive system with dual motors, a 74 kW front motor and a 160 kW rear motor, producing a total system power of 234 kW, a torque of 605 Nm, and a range of 470km and 400km under the WLTP and EPA test conditions, respectively.

There are two variants of the Performance Model AWD (High-Performance Four-Wheel Drive), a dual-motor four-wheel drive system with 160 kW front and rear motors, 320 kW total system power, 605 Nm torque, and WLTP and EPA ranges of 466 km and 378 km respectively. A very important point to note here is that in the “BOOST” supercharged mode, the system can deliver a total power of 360 kW as well as a torque of 700 Nm at the same time.


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