There is no doubt that you have read the title correctly. Coca-Cola, the beverage corporation, will be working with a smartphone brand in India to launch a new device as part of a new partnership. There is a possibility that the handset will feature the popular logo of the soft drink company on the back of it.

Recently, tipster Mukul Sharma shared some high-quality renders of what appears to be a smartphone with the Coca-Cola brand on it. In addition to this, he says the handset will be the result of a collaboration between a smartphone brand and the soft drink giant. The handset was designed by a Chinese brand called Realme, even though Sharma did not reveal the brand name.

There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the design of the smartphone, which has a flashy design with a Coca-Cola logo on the right side of the back panel. In addition to being red in color, it also matches the theme of the beverage company. In the back panel of the device, there are two circular rings that house the two camera sensors that are located in the middle. On the right side, there is a volume button along with round edges.

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It is not yet known what the specifications of the smartphone will be. But as 91Mobiles pointed out correctly, the device looks very similar to the recently launched Realme 10 4G, which has also just been launched. As an upcoming smartphone manufacturer, it would not be surprising for Realme to be a part of this partnership, since the company has a history of launching unique and intriguing smartphones as part of special editions.

Aside from cosmetic changes, the device could have a theme based on Coca-Cola’s logo that would be displayed on its user interface. There is also no doubt that we will see custom packaging and accessories for the product.

Currently, there are very few details about this interesting collaboration that we know about. However, Sharma says there is a possibility of the product being launched in the Indian market within the next quarter. It is likely that we will soon receive an official confirmation of this. Be sure to keep an eye out for the latest updates.


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