Infinix has introduced its latest prototype technology called E-Color Shift, signaling a notable advancement from its previous versions. This innovation allows the rear of the phone to dynamically alter colors, offering a wider range of color options. Notably, the back panel is divided into individual sections, granting users the ability to independently control the color of each segment. Making use of E Ink Prism 3 technology akin to the displays found in e-book readers, this achievement boasts remarkable power efficiency. Power consumption is reserved solely for color changes, with static colors maintaining a zero power draw once set. However, the capabilities extend beyond mere fixed colors. The segments exhibit impressive versatility in color shifting, surpassing the speed commonly associated with e-book readers. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like. This technology enables various animation loops to be loaded on the back. Infinix plans to provide an app for users to control the different color settings on the rear if this tech is implemented in a real device.

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It’s noteworthy that in the showcased design, there are only four segments arranged in a 2×2 grid, with a fixed darker diamond pattern in the center. Nevertheless, this configuration proves sufficient to generate captivating animations. Furthermore, E Ink isn’t confined to a rectangular form; Infinix designers have the flexibility to incorporate more free-form shapes, as demonstrated by the striped pattern below. Infinix mentions that if the technology advances further, it could be utilized to create up to 60 different customizable areas. The animations are also swift enough to be employed for various notifications, akin to the Nothing Phone’s Glyph interface.

However, Infinix still faces a few obstacles to overcome before this technology becomes practical enough for use. Nonetheless, the company believes that E Color Shift will reach customers within a year or two.


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