iPhone 15 Pro displays to be supplied by BOE next year

iPhone 15 Pro display

The latest round of reports are now suggesting that BOE might actually end up being the firm that supplies Apple with OLED LTPO display for the sake of its higher end iPhones set for next year. The panels will indeed be set for the iPhone 15 Pro series.

In accordance with what the latest batch of reports are suggestive of, BOE will indeed produce as well as supply OLED LTPO panels to Apple next year. The company was of course previously rather unsuccessful in its supply of OLED screens for the iPhone 12 series, however, at the same time, it did in fact manage to enter the supply chain for the iPhone 13 series. However of course, it only made panels for the base model, while the more higher end Pro variants had displays supplied by none other than Samsung.

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However, now, this might soon change as BOE is indeed looking towards the prospect of expanding its OLED LTPO panel manufacturing so as to make way for the production of up to 120Hz refresh rate screens. In other words then, this report is also perhaps suggestive of the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro will end up featuring with 120Hz variable refresh rate. With the upcoming iPhone 14 series then, BOE will indeed continue to supply displays for the lower end models while the Pro variants will still be supplied by both Samsung and LG.

Of course the iPhone 15 series will make its way only next year, but the iPhone 14 series will end up featuring in the second half of this year. It is expected that a redesign will finally make its way with respect to the iPhone 14 series and it is said that the latest series will feature with the aid of a pill shaped cutout on the front for the sake of the selfie shooter and also the TrueDepth system.


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