New insights gleaned from within Apple’s supply chain shed light on the forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro series, unveiling a slew of upgrades. Notable among these enhancements are significant increases in screen size for both iterations of the 16 Pro. The standard model is set to feature a generous 6.3-inch display, while its Max counterpart will stretch to 6.9 inches. A standout advancement is the adoption of Micro Lens Array (MLA) OLED panels for both devices, promising superior brightness output and enhanced viewing angles compared to traditional OLED displays.

iPhone 16 Pro

Leading the lineup is Apple’s cutting-edge A18 Pro chip, paired with 8 GB of RAM, indicating a move towards parity with Android devices in terms of RAM offerings. Users will also have the option to select up to 2 TB of storage, doubling the previous generation’s limit of 1 TB and even surpassing some laptop default storage options.

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Leaks also support earlier speculations regarding exclusive AI functionalities tailored for the 16 Pro models, potentially incorporating features from the recently introduced Apple MGIE AI model. Expected advancements include a 48MP ultrawide lens for both devices, while the smaller Pro variant may finally feature the long-awaited 5x tetraprism lens.

iPhone 16 Pro

Insider sources suggest that the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max is set to establish a new standard for battery longevity among Apple’s Pro models. Anticipated to house an impressive 4,676 mAh battery cell, the 16 Pro Max surpasses its predecessor, the 15 Pro Max, which featured a 4,441 mAh battery. Combined with efficiency enhancements from the new chipset, the 16 Pro Max is poised to deliver the longest battery life ever seen in an iPhone. Additionally, the smaller variant, the iPhone 16 Pro, is expected to see battery improvements over its predecessor, with leaked prototypes revealing a larger 3,355 mAh capacity battery housed within a metal bracket designed to enhance heat dissipation.

iPhone 16 Pro

Both upcoming models are also set to introduce the Capture button, offering added convenience for quickly capturing memorable moments. Furthermore, reports suggest that Apple has refined its titanium processing techniques, resulting in improved yield rates and reduced costs per casing.


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