Iran and Pakistan Explore Strategies to Finish Gas Pipeline Project

Iran’s Consul General to Pakistan, Hassan Nourian, mentioned on Monday that Iran and Pakistan are actively exploring avenues to finalize the gas pipeline project linking the two countries.

Nourian stated, “We see a strong political commitment from Pakistan to see this project through,” as reported by Reuters.

The gas pipeline project, originally agreed upon in 2010, aims to connect Iran’s South Fars gas field to Balochistan and Sindh provinces in Pakistan. However, progress on Pakistan’s side has been hindered by the threat of US sanctions.

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The proposed 1,900-kilometer pipeline was designed to deliver up to one billion cubic feet of natural gas daily for 25 years, addressing Pakistan’s energy requirements.

Iran has reportedly invested $2 billion in the pipeline within its territory. Nevertheless, Pakistan has yet to commence work on its side, citing concerns related to sanctions.

In 2014, Pakistan requested a 10-year extension to undertake construction on its part, with the deadline expiring in September this year. Observers within the industry suggest that Iran could pursue legal action against Pakistan over this matter.

The Iranian Consul General emphasized that the pipeline project does not fall under international restrictions and revealed ongoing discussions between Iran and Pakistan on the matter. However, he refrained from commenting on the potential for legal action should Pakistan fail to complete its part of the pipeline within the set deadline.


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