This year, Lenovo will launch a series of gaming laptops called GeekPro G5000 under its GeekPro brand. It is expected that the positioning of this device will be lower than that of the Legion series, and it will likely focus more on its cost performance. Lenovo announced today the real machine map of its gaming laptop series that will be available beginning in the second quarter of 2019.

Generally, GeekPro G5000 series games use Lenovo’s logo on the A side, without the Y-shaped logo of the Legion series, and they often use a design language similar to the Legion series in other places in the game.

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Lenovo has just released a poster claiming that it will also feature 1TB SSDs in its GeekPro G5000 gaming laptop series, while reserving a slot for another M.2 processor.

It is likely that Lenovo GeekPro is positioned somewhere between a commercial console and a game console since it was previously associated with desktop computers. As of this year, Lenovo has been using the GeekPro brand for gaming products under its GeekPro brand. The new series is expected to be equipped with 13th-generation Core processors coupled with RTX 4050 graphics cards, and it is expected that the price will be slightly lower than the Legion series.


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