Mathira Critiques Momin Saqib’s Take on Death.

In the realm of social media, public figures frequently find themselves at the epicenter of discussions and controversies. A recent altercation arose between Pakistani television host and actress Mathira and fellow entertainer Momin Saqib over the latter’s Instagram stories, which delved into the delicate topic of death while being filmed in a graveyard. Mathira, renowned for her outspoken demeanor, voiced her disapproval of the content, labeling it as “foolish” and advocating for a more thoughtful approach to such sensitive subjects.

Saqib’s Instagram stories garnered attention for their unconventional exploration of the “reality of death,” filmed within the confines of a graveyard. While aiming to offer viewers a unique perspective on mortality, the content ignited controversy and faced criticism for what many perceived as a lack of sensitivity and reverence toward the sanctity of such spaces. Utilizing her platform to address the matter, Mathira urged individuals, particularly those in the public eye, to exercise caution and empathy when broaching profound and personal topics like death.

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In an era marked by societal challenges and personal struggles, she underscored the significance of a considerate approach in disseminating content, especially on social media platforms where audiences encompass a diverse range of experiences and emotions. The actress emphasized the need to comprehend the potential impact of such content on individuals grappling with loss, grief, or other hardships. In a world where everyone is fighting their battles, Mathira advocated for a greater degree of sensitivity and thoughtfulness to cultivate a supportive and compassionate online community.

On the professional front, Mathira has made appearances in various item songs for films such as “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi,” “Young Malang,” and “Raasta,” as well as acting in “Sirf Tum Hi To Ho.” On television, she hosted shows like “The Insta Show” and “Desi Rapper,” in addition to featuring in numerous music videos.

Saqib embarked on his showbiz career in 2020 with the drama serial “Be Adab,” demonstrating his talent. He has also been seen in the recent drama serial “Raqs-e-Bismil.”


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