The administration of Adiala Jail has implemented a three-day suspension on prisoner visits due to security concerns. Notably, this affects several prominent political figures, including PTI founder Imran Khan and former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who are held at Adiala Jail on various charges. This measure follows a comprehensive search of the jail premises and surrounding areas. The ban will be in place until May 15th as part of heightened security protocols issued by the Inspector General of Prisons. Additionally, emergency security drills are being conducted to ensure preparedness for any potential threats or emergencies within the jail. This action is taken to safeguard against security risks and maintain order within the facility.

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Earlier in March, the Punjab home department had imposed similar restrictions on prisoner visits at Adiala Jail due to security reasons. The Punjab government clarified that these measures were not intended to obstruct PTI leaders’ access to Imran Khan. Punjab’s Information Minister Azma Bukhari explained that the decision was prompted by a serious security alert currently under investigation, emphasizing that it was not aimed at curtailing any privileges specifically for Mr. Khan


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