Message reaction feature soon to come out for Whatsapp?

WhatsApp message reactions

In the more recent times, Whatsapp has been introducing many useful as well as highly requested features – including being able to use the messaging app on other devices without the primary smartphone featuring with online status, and also other features such as hiding last seen from specific contacts and others too. And now, the app may finally be on the receiving end of a message reaction feature. 

In accordance with what the latest reports proceed on to suggest, the latest beta version with respect of the app on iOS proceeds on to reveal then that the message reaction feature could be soon arriving. The news came in primarily from a tipster, who ended up revealing a screenshot which showcased the said new reactions.

The feature is of course expected to be in a similar vein as compared to the reaction features which already are found on Meta owned Facebook and Instagram apps. The founder of Facebook in Mark Zuckerberg has already taken upon himself to reveal his ambitions of merging the messaging system with respect to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp – and this is perhaps yet another step towards the same.

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Of course Meta has already been rather successful in merging the Facebook as well as Instagram DMs (direct messages on both the platforms now seemingly support the very same messaging features and hence can also be used so as to send cross-platform messages.

This then refers to the fact that if Meta ends up going through its plans of merging the messaging services on all of the three platforms i.e WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, as of course seems to be the general consensus right now, then people would like to keep WhatsApp separate from the other platforms – this comes in with popular option!


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