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Mickey Arthur’s appointment as Online Head Coach baffles Shahid Afridi

It has been reported that former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi is dissatisfied with Mickey Arthur’s appointment as the ‘online’ coach of the Pakistan cricket team in advance of the World Cup.

Shahid Afridi, who is the head coach of the Pakistan national team, has responded to reports of Mickey Arthur’s appointment as the online head coach of the team, decrying the decision as bizarre. According to him, the country has enough coaching options within its borders and the team does not need a foreign coach, especially one who isn’t physically present in the country, to coach the team.

According to him, coaching is mainly about managing the players and making sure that the players are utilized to their full potential, which does not necessarily require the assistance of a foreign coach.

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According to the former chief selector, “I don’t understand the concept of online coaching and I don’t know why there’s a need for an overseas head coach exclusively to manage the team.”. It’s all about man management in coaching and we have coaches in Pakistan who are capable of leading the team.”.

I would like to announce that Mickey Arthur, who is currently engaged in his commitment to the English County Club, Derbyshire, will be serving as Pakistan’s first ever online head coach. It was decided that the former Champions Trophy-winning coach would not join the Pakistan camp as a full-time head coach after he refused to join them as a part-time coach. Mickey Arthur will now be assisting the team virtually while he is expected to join the team physically at a later date in the year.


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