Huawei is not the only company to make strange-looking smartphone cameras. According to reports, Huawei’s upcoming P60 Pro flagship phone is likely to carry on the trend.

Twitter tipsters have shared early renders showing the Huawei P60 Pro odd-looking main camera, which has a giant eye in the center.

Although Huawei’s corner camera placement is the same as in the image, its design is unique. Its golden ring makes it look like a digital camera, especially the giant camera lens in the middle.

Due to their odd placement, the secondary cameras at the top and bottom give it an odd look. The periscope zoom lens at the bottom is most likely an ultrawide camera, while the ultrawide lens at the top is probably more likely a periscope zoom lens. There is a tiny camera unit on the side, which has a macro lens. Additionally, two laser autofocus units can be seen.

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An OmniVision OV64B sensor is expected to power the telephoto unit. This unit will have a 64MP telephoto lens based on a 50MP Sony IMX888 primary camera, a 50MP ultrawide camera, and a 50MP second camera. On the camera island, you can see Huawei’s own imaging brand XMAGE.

Huawei P60 Pro

Curved screens with 1440p resolution and 120Hz variable refresh rates are expected to be 6.6 inches in size. A 5,000mAh battery will have wired charging support of 100W and wireless charging support of 50W. The device will most likely be waterproof and dustproof according to IP68 standards.

In the absence of any official announcements from Huawei, there is no information on a launch date of Huawei P60 Pro.


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