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Multiple “Modena” trademarks filed by Xiaomi, mass production of EVs expected by 2024

There have been reports that Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd has applied for the registration of the Modena trademark, together with some variants of the codename Modena, in order to protect its trademarks. It is possible to find multiple descriptions of the various trademarks, such as means of transportation, scientific instruments, and many more.

Previously, there had been rumors that Xiaomi would launch a mid-size fastback sedan that will be available in two versions, and that this would be the company’s first vehicle. As a matter of fact, there were rumors at the time that Xiaomi was also developing a second mass-produced car, which will be released in 2025 and codenamed Lemans. According to reports, Xiaomi is intensely working on the Modena with more than 2,300 people involved in the R&D process on the project. In 2024, Xiaomi is expected to begin mass production of its first car.

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It was announced by Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun in September 2022 that the company’s first car was rolling off the production line as scheduled, with the winter testing scheduled to be conducted in December. An automobile base has been built by the company in Yizhuang, Beijing to serve the needs of the company. As well as serving as the company’s sales and R&D headquarters, the facility also serves as its sales office.

It is being planned by Xiaomi to build a complete factory for the manufacture of vehicles with an annual production of 300,000 cars. It has been stated by the company that the production facility will be built in two phases, each of which will be capable of producing 150,000 units.
In addition to Xiaomi, a growing number of technology giants have begun to include vehicle manufacturing in their portfolio of services. In spite of this, its approach seems to differ a bit from its investment in a 300,000 unit per year vehicle production facility that it invested in a few years ago. We still have to see what the full specs of the Xiaomi Modena car will be when it is released. Despite the fact that it is an electric vehicle, it still lacks a few of its finer details.


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