The flagship Apple iPhones coming in from Apple of course make their way with the aid of noise cancelation feature when it comes to phones and calls and have done so for quite the while now. The feature of course has the capacity to reduce ambient noise from the surroundings and hence making for a much more crisp and clear voice quality while someone is on call. However, this feature was never made available for iPhone 13 users and they have been waiting for a number of months for Apple to finally address this particular issue.

On the 24th of December, a user on reddit even ended up complaining that the iPhone 13 lacks a front mic used for the sake of noise cancelation. Other people found on the platform also claimed and pointed towards the fact that this feature is indeed missing from the device. However, as a matter of fact then, the iPhone 13 doesn’t exactly lack the mic which happens to enable this particular feature.

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Indeed this particular feature is actually a software glitch as can be observed in a discussion on the Apple forum from October. The user wrote : “I am not able to find the toggle to switch off the noise cancelation feature on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Has this been moved or removed? When I use FaceTime and talk via the speaker, my voice cuts out.”

An Apple community specialist then ended up addressing this matter by saying that they need to enable ‘noise cancelation’ on their iPhone and then proceeded on to link an article in order to help users adjust the audio settings which happen to be found on the iPhone. Of course the matter at hand then comes in the form of the fact that the users of the iPhone 13 just can’t seem to find this specific feature in their settings menu. All in all though, it seems that the iPhone 13 has never had this particular option with the iOS 15 due to the fact that it’s a glitch.


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