OnePlus has recently jumped on the AI features bandwagon, announcing its inaugural AI feature named AI Eraser. This function, akin to Google’s Magic Eraser, employs AI algorithms to seamlessly remove unwanted elements from photos. Demonstrations of the AI Eraser in action have been showcased through sample images, providing users with a glimpse of its capabilities.

Scheduled for release this month, the AI Eraser will debut on the latest OnePlus models including the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, and OnePlus Nord CE4. Furthermore, it will extend to older OnePlus devices such as the OnePlus Open and OnePlus 11, among others, across regions where these phones are available. However, users in Europe will have to wait until Q2 2024 for its arrival, anticipated before the end of June. OnePlus has not yet specified whether the feature will be delivered through a photo gallery update or integrated into the OxygenOS/ColorOS system. Additionally, it remains uncertain whether the AI processing will be conducted on-device or via cloud-based services.


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OnePlus has disclosed that the AI model powering this feature has been extensively trained on diverse datasets, enabling it to comprehend intricate scenes and intelligently substitute unwanted elements with contextually appropriate ones, thereby enhancing the overall appeal of the photo. According to OnePlus, AI Eraser represents just the initial phase of their vision to foster user creativity through AI and redefine the landscape of photo editing. They have promised the introduction of more generative AI features later this year.

In essence, AI Eraser marks the commencement of OnePlus’s endeavor to empower users with innovative AI-driven tools, simplifying the process of creating remarkable photos with minimal effort. With plans for further AI enhancements in the pipeline, OnePlus aims to revolutionize the realm of mobile photography and elevate user experiences to new heights.



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