The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has once again extended its deadline for the implementation of device identification and they’ve done this for the third time. It has been revealed by the PTA spokesperson that after considering requests from the general public and stakeholders it was of their best interest to create further awareness amongst the people and hence PTA took the initiative of extending the deadline of implementation of this Verification process until further notice which should help them, verify more phones than before by creating awareness among people who still have no idea about the Implementation of device identification(DIRBS) process. It has been ordered by the Senate of Pakistan, that the date is to be extended by a further 30 days.

Mobile phone consumers can continue to use the DIBRS facility to verify the status of the mobile phone IMEI numbers and they can do this by simply dialing *#06#. Hence to further verify mobile the mobile status, users need to send the device is IMEI number to 8484 via a SMS, or use the PTA website link: or can simply just download the PTA DIRBS android mobile phone application on Google Play store, which will make it easier for the user to identify his or her device and also provides you with instructions regarding the process. Furthermore as per the Telecommunication Policy in 2015, PTA developed the DIRBS for the facilitation of the general public. The system shall then ensure the use of legal mobile devices on Pakistani networks, and to improve the quality of mobile service to consumers, PTA maintained in an official statement.

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PTA had extended the deadline for implementation of DIRBS till August 30, 2018. The DIRBS has been now been developed to identify sub-standard, fake and illegally imported smartphones as well as register and block noncompliant devices on the mobile phone networks. PTA launched this initiative on the 10th May 2018, the deadline at first was June 29 2018 and included mapping and identification of IMEIs and blocking stolen or lost devices but keeping in mind the requests of various stakeholders as per the interest of ensuring smooth implementation, the deadline for Phase 1 was extended from June 29 to August 30 2018, The phase 2 started from August 31 2018 and PTA has stated that no further extension is to be granted. In Phase 2 full blocking was to be implemented for all non-compliant devices which are not to be approved.


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