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Late last night, TPS Worldwide, a prominent card processing company serving banks, telecommunications firms, and other financial institutions, experienced a significant ransomware attack, as confirmed by sources to Netmag.

While specifics of the attack remain undisclosed, reports suggest that TPS’ network was compromised by ransomware during the late-night incident. TPS acted swiftly to mitigate the attack, successfully containing and managing it without any financial losses reported.

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Established in 1996, TPS provides a range of critical services across various sectors, including card processing, payment gateways, and payment clearing. This incident underscores the crucial importance of robust security measures for financial institutions. These entities handle sensitive financial data and transactions, making them prime targets for cyber threats. It highlights the ongoing necessity for heightened security protocols to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

While investigations into the attack’s origin and specifics are ongoing, TPS is expected to release an official statement soon regarding the incident.

1Link, a major payment processor reliant on TPS for its operations, clarified in a press statement that TPS does not host customer data, ensuring no compromise of customer information. According to 1Link, there was no breach affecting TPS’ customers connected through their network, with the impact confined to TPS’ internal servers. As a precautionary measure, TPS has advised its partners to review recent patches and conduct thorough environment scans to enhance vigilance against potential threats.

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