Gaming on the 120Hz Ultra-smooth AMOLED Display coupled with the GT Mode is a worthwhile experience.

Nowadays, we interact with our phone more than we interact with other humans. We’re immersed into the screens watching our favourite shows, scouring through our social media feeds or delving into high-speed gaming.

As much time is spent on the phones, its display should be something extraordinary. The realme GT Master Edition is one such smartphone that encapsulates your view and grips you with its outstanding display and GT Mode. Here’s how:

120Hz Ultra-smooth Super AMOLED Display

The realme GT Master Edition comes with a 120Hz Ultra-smooth Super AMOLED display – and boy is it good! The 6.43 inches big display supports 120Hz refresh rate, providing an ultra-smooth gaming and media viewing experience. With a refresh rate this high, gaming and media graphics flow smoothly without any glitch.   

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The super crisp and clear AMOLED display with 1080×2400 pixels resolution emits rich colours in their natural splendor as in the real world and provide ultra-smooth scrolling in every frame. Its peak brightness stands at 1000nits, which helps people see everything sharp and crisp even under dazzling sunlight. It has a DC dimming feature as well for comfortable viewing vis-à-vis the ambient light.

The phone’s screen-to-body ratio stands at nearly 92 percent which is very impressive and the In-display fingerprint is safe and fast for convenient usage. For the bigger screen size, crisp resolution and brightness adaptability, the realme GT Master Edition’s Master Display goes easy on eyes during extended usage. 

Improved Touch Control for Competitive Gaming 

The display has 360Hz touch sampling rate that gives unprecedented control to the user. The improved touch control and responsiveness comes in handy while playing competitive gaming where one off touch can mean game over for you. 

GT Mode – Blazing Fast Performance

Think about the fastest things in the world… Usain Bolt? Cheetah? Super Mario or a Jet? Nah! The realme GT Master Edition trumps all with its GT Mode that unleashes peak CPU performance and lightning fast speed when activated. The GT Mode is the ultimate weapon in realme GT Master Edition’s performance arsenal to unlock the fiercest mode in gaming or wherever the need emerges.

You can get your hands on the realme GT Master Edition with all its amazing features all for PKR 66,999/-. Now that’s a huge steal when such features come at such a price – trumping not just the fastest things in the world but also its competitors.


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