Apple Rumored to Launch iPhone Slim in Upcoming Year

Rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone lineup are already swirling, even though the launch of the iPhone 16 series is still months away. Analyst Jeff Pu from Haitong International Securities has shared insights on what to expect from the iPhone 17 series, slated for release in the fall of next year.

The iPhone 17 lineup, as per Pu’s investor note, will showcase a revamped design and introduce a smaller version of the Dynamic Island.

Screen Sizes The iPhone 17 series will consist of the standard iPhone, the Pro, Pro Max, and a new addition – the iPhone Slim, replacing the iPhone 16 Plus. Pu disclosed screen sizes for each model: the iPhone 17 will sport a 6.1-inch screen, the Pro will feature a slightly larger 6.3-inch panel, and the Pro Max will boast a 6.9-inch display. Notably, the iPhone 17 Slim will sport a tall 6.6-inch display. Additionally, the Pro Max variant is expected to come with a titanium frame, distinguishing it from the aluminum sides of the other models. Pu hinted at a more intricate design for all four phones, without elaborating further.

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RAM Upgrade All iPhone 17 models will receive a RAM boost compared to the current iPhone 15 generation. The iPhone 17 and 17 Slim will upgrade to 8 GB of RAM (from 6 GB), while the iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max will feature 12 GB (up from 8 GB). The standard and Slim models will be powered by either the A18 or A19 chip, while the Pro variants will be equipped with the A19 Pro. Before the iPhone 17 launch, the iPhone 16 family is expected to standardize 8 GB RAM across all models, with a subsequent jump to 12 GB for the iPhone 17.

Improved Front Camera Reports indicate that all four iPhone 17 models will boast 24 MP front-facing cameras, a significant upgrade from the current 12 MP cameras.

Moreover, the iPhone 17 Pro Max is rumored to incorporate a smaller Dynamic Island, setting it apart as the premium flagship model. This reduction in size is made possible by new “metalens” technology, which will notably shrink the Face ID sensor.

In summary, the iPhone 17 series promises exciting updates in design, screen sizes, performance, and camera capabilities, elevating Apple’s flagship lineup for the upcoming year.


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