A laptop that folds twice – Samsung latest patent

Samsung laptop folds twice

As far the field of innovative foldable products is concerned, Samsung continues to innovate – proved of course by the fact that the brand has launched rollable smartphones, foldable phones and now has gone on to patent a foldable laptop as well – foldable twice that is.

In accordance with what a report coming in goes on to claim, the Korean manufacturer has taken upon itself to patent a new multi-foldable laptop which folds not just once, but twice. The concept revolves around the laptop being folded first like you would expect it to normally and then folding it once again on itself own, right from the very center.

The keyboard of the laptop happens to be split right from the middle and a folding hinge is placed in between. The screen therefore will probably make use of Samsung’s foldable OLED panel which was then teased by the brand earlier in the year. The screen will also indeed make way with the hinge placed in a vertical manner in the middle so as to allow the device to fold for a second time – with the base of the laptop then ending up as the outer part of the device on both the front as well as the back ends.

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As a result of this then, you end up on the receiving end of a square shaped piece of high-tech sandwich – all of which is then much more portable as compared to a more regular laptop. Regardless though, one factor that actually needs to be kept in mind at this point is the laptop’s thickness, which will indeed be double when it happens to be folded.

In addition to this then, another aspect with respect to this laptop would be the production cost, because of the fact that the tech applied in order to make it Fold twice won’t probably come at a cheap price.


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