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Samsung to hand LG some business?

LG display has been on the rise in the more recent times, and the latest turn of events surrounding the tech company just further go on and prove how truthful this actually is. Indeed some of the brand’s OLED panels are set to be deployed by Samsung in some of the Korean manufacturer’s TVs this year. LG Display happens to be the display arm of LG electronics and has indeed witnessed a rather massive surge in demand over the course of the more recent times. During the CES this year, LG display showcased some of its rather innovative as well as expansive panels on show in order to attract the global attention including of course both Q-LED as well as OLED.

This year then, the Korean tech giant Samsung will end up releasing TV models that make use of LG display’s white W-OLED panels. It has been claimed that Samsung already has a contract with LG display for the sake of supply of W-OLED panels for part of its 2022 lineup. The CEO of Samsung in Han Jong-hee claiming during this CES this year that the brand was open to the prospect of buying OLED panels from LG display.

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However though, there also exist some indications that point towards the possibility of discussions between the two Korean giants actually hitting a snag. This has then led to a rather delayed possible release of the Samsung TVs with LG’s W-OLED panels in May as earlier scheduled. The delay also meant then that Samsung had to postpone its plan of informing global TV distributors with respect to W-OLED TVs. And so as a consequence, there happened to have been no mention at all of the issue during CES 2022, even though there were plans earlier in this particular direction.

Nonetheless, the source has claimed that Samsung has actually agreed the price terms with LG display and that the panels will in fact be sold at par with the price at which LG display happens to sell to LG electronics.


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