Samsung TVs and chargers will use negligible standby power by 2025

Samsung TV and chargers 2025

Korean manufacturer Samsung in its pre-show keynote at CES of this year ended up pledging to build a green as well as a sustainable future – announcing that the brand had last year produced Carbon Trust Standard-compliant chips which managed to cut out carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 700,000 metric tons. The initiative is all part of the Samsung ‘Together for Tomorrow’ vision.

The company’s visual display business plans to use 30 times more recycled plastic as compared to the last year. Also, it was revealed that there were plans to expand the usage of recycled materials over the course of the next three years – and this includes all mobile products as well as home appliances too.

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In addition to all this, samsung also has plans to make all of its TVs as well as phone chargers to make use of near-zero standby power by the year 2025 – referring of course to the fact that these items will not use any energy when not in use.

Samsung also actually revealed last year that all of the packaging that is used for the sake of its TVs was made courtesy of used recyclable materials. In this year then, it is expected that the company will end up expanding the application for the recycled materials in order to cover the inner packaging which is found inside that of cartons. Samsung also promised to make use of similar packaging material with its home appliances in the future too.

E-waste on another subject, is also a rather major challenge for the entire tech industry and Samsung has gone on to claim that it has done its bit by actively recycling e-waste ever since 2009. As of today, the collection stands at a massive five million metric tons.


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