Real Reason Behind Shortage of Paracetamol in Pakistan

Paracetamol in Pakistan

The Drug and Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has issued notices of show-cause to 15 pharmaceutical firms as the country grapples with the lack of Paracetamol which is available as a brand under the trade name Panadol.

According to the details provided by the DRAP has contacted the companies to explain the reasons why they failed to meet the market demand for Paracetamol despite being fully authorized to increase production in the event of a national shortage.

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The news comes in the aftermath of reports in the media that stated that Paracetamol isn’t available in pharmacies across the country, and is traded on the black market for sale at the price of a hefty sum.

The medical term for it is acetaminophen. Paracetamol is a vital medicine to treat fever as well as mild to moderate body pains and headaches. Also, it is recommended to patients suffering from COVID-19. The medicine was accessible in pharmacies until just a few weeks ago, but it’s not available as per the most recent reports.


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