A problem with one of these international submarine cable called the SMW4 was identified, leading to a decline in internet connectivity across the country Our sources at PTA have confirmed.

ISPs across Pakistan were informed via PTCL of an issue in one of the global upstream networks has happened time.

Standard arrangements for providing uninterrupted internet access to users have not worked until now and eastbound traffic has been significantly affected by pending issues that are not resolved.

Sources have stated that the fault was in the eastern part of the fault However, the precise position of the fault has still to be determined.

Because much of the traffic between and to Pakistan flows by India and Singapore The impact of this may be more severe than normal.

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Sources from PTA confirmed that, due to today’s downtime, Pakistan’s total bandwidth capacity has decreased by about 20 percent. The authorities concerned are watching the situation. PTA has requested PTCL to increase capacity to other cables in order to limit the damage.

In the meantime, until the issue is fully solved internet users across the nation will likely experience delays and slower internet speeds.

Officials haven’t provided any ETA regarding the resumption of the submarine cable however it may take a few hours, days or even weeks before being restored fully.


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