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The Google AirTag Tracker is Reportedly Being Developed

Based on recent information from Android leakster Mishaal Rahman, it has been reported that Google is working on its own version of Apple’s AirTag device trackers. A recent report suggests that Google’s Fast Pair is preparing to add support for a new locator tag product type, and the company is also planning to create something similar to the distributed tracking network Apple uses for its AirTags. It is likely that the Finder Network branding will be on this new product.

The new tracking device has been codenamed “grogu” or “groguaudio” or “GR10” and it will support both Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra Wideband (UWB). This device will have a small speaker built into it and is going to be available in a variety of colors. However, there is no information on the design and features of the device. Google’s Nest team has been working on the device, but it’s unclear what the company plans to do with it. Some reports suggest the device will launch in the first half of the year, but it could coincide with the Pixel 8 launch.

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AirTags have been a huge hit for Apple, but the company has faced privacy issues with the device. Google may need additional time to consider possible scenarios and develop protections for its version of the tracker. Based on this, it is possible to say that Google will work on security measures to avoid similar problems.

In conclusion, Google is rumored to be working on a tracker similar to Apple’s AirTags, but has yet to be confirmed. Codenamed grogu, the device will support BLE and UWB. Release date uncertain, but likely in the first half of the year or at the same time as the Pixel launch 8. Google may want to consider privacy concerns before releasing a device.


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