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The Instagram CEO admits there are too many videos

There is no doubt that over the past few years, Meta has been shifting the focus of Instagram from being a long-form photo sharing service to being a short video sharingservice like TikTok. In fact, Instagram was created as a photo application, but it has now shifted its focus more towards videos than it has done in the past. Clearly, this has been a very upsetting experience for many users. The Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has finally admitted that Instagram has been pushing “too many videos” on its users after the platform reversed design changes that made the app look more like TikTok, following the reversal of the design changes that had made the application look more like TikTok.

In a recent post on his personal Instagram profile, Instagram’s CEO shared a story. As a result of Instagram’s shift to focusing more on videos than anything else, the platform’s head admitted there are a lot of photographers who are dissatisfied with how Instagram has been focusing on videos. However, according to him:

“photos will always be a part of Instagram.”

The CEO of Instagram also stated in the same story that Instagram has “overfocused” its efforts on videos in the past year. As a result of his remarks, he said that the platform will now aim to bring back the balance between the amount of photos and videos shown to users. A social media platform, he explained, will now take into account how frequently a person likes and comments on photos vs videos in order to determine which content will appear first in their feeds based on how often a person likes and comments on them.

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A representative working for the company owned by Meta further elaborated that Instagram would continue to put a great deal of effort into video content. However, Instagram is not going to get rid of photos in its app as they have been driving overall engagement much more than photos and these contents have been driving overall engagement much more than photos.

In any case, we will always be relying heavily on photos for the success of our projects. It is also inevitable that there will be some people who love and are interested in finding photos on Instagram and elsewhere, and there will always be those people. This is what I want to make sure is very clear to you, and I want to make sure we all understand it.

The number of spam and bot accounts on Instagram has been increasing over the past few months. In addition, he added the following:

In my opinion, Instagram has a lot of spam and bots. It is something we are trying to reduce as much as possible. In the current state of affairs, I am especially concerned about comments,” he said.

It was also announced earlier this week that Instagram would be introducing a new option. It will allow users to pause Instagram notifications as well as hide some posts from the Explore tab using the Quiet Mode feature on Instagram. Also, it has announced that the shopping features will no longer be pushed at the top of its app’s home page. Watch what happens next and let’s see what happens next. Let’s keep an eye out for more updates in the near future.


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