The Ministry of IT and Telecommunications (MoIT&T) has instructed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to utilize existing policy frameworks for an upcoming mobile phone financing initiative.

The ministry has conveyed that no new policy directives are required from the federal government, as the current mechanisms are considered adequate for implementation. Currently, the ministry awaits a response from the PTA before further advancing the mobile phone financing scheme.

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Initially drafted in November last year during the Caretaker government’s tenure, the mobile phone financing policy has encountered hurdles in its approval process. The federal cabinet returned the policy, instructing the IT ministry to collaborate with the Ministries of Law and Finance for further refinement before resubmission.

The installment-based mobile phone scheme aims to empower citizens, particularly those with limited financial resources, by offering them the opportunity to own mobile phones through interest-free installment plans.

Moreover, the proposed policy addresses the issue of defaulters who fail to meet their installment obligations. Individuals struggling with payments will face mobile phone blocking. The PTA’s Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) will play a crucial role in executing this blocking process.

According to the IT Ministry, this mobile phone financing scheme underscores its commitment to aiding low-income individuals, ensuring their access to essential technology. This initiative aligns with the vision of fostering an inclusive digital landscape that caters to the diverse needs of the population. The government remains steadfast in its focus on promoting accessibility and affordability in the swiftly evolving technological realm.


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