The new 2023 M2 Pro and Max Chip Edition Mac support 8K displays

The new 2023 M2 Pro and Max Chip Edition Mac support 8K displays
The new 2023 M2 Pro and Max Chip Edition Mac support 8K displays

Mac computers were able to drive 8K displays smoothly with the launch of the new 2023 Mac mini and MacBook Pro, and Apple released a guide on how to use this high-resolution display with the Mac. In addition to this, the new 2023 Macs will support higher refresh rates of up to 240Hz as well as support for Variable Refresh Rates (VRRs).

As it turns out, Apple’s new M2 Pro chip supports higher resolution displays, which is a faster and more powerful version of the M2 chip that was used in last year’s MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro devices. There are some high-end Mac mini configurations available that use the M2 Pro / Max chip, and this chip is available in all configurations of the 2023 MacBook Pro. In order to connect your Mac mini to an 8K display, you will want to ensure that you buy the M2 Pro chip version and not the entry-level configuration which comes with the more affordable standard M2 chip.

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Additionally, users will also need an external display capable of 8K or 4K at 240Hz in addition to the new Mac hardware. There are not many 8K desktop display options out there, at least not ones that support HDMI connectivity, although there are already a significant number of 8K TVs on the market that support HDMI connectivity.

To take advantage of 8K or 4K / 240Hz output on an Apple TV, users are required to use a HDMI cable that supports SuperSpeed 48Gbps.

Whenever possible, Apple recommends bypassing the HDMI adapter all together and connecting the HDMI cable directly to the HDMI port of the TV or display instead. Although Apple does not specify in its support documentation whether the HDMI port on the display side needs to be compatible with HDMI 2.1, as older versions of HDMI do not have the bandwidth needed to support HDMI 2.1.


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