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The new iTunes for Windows will replace a trio of apps

Apple discontinued its iTunes music player for macOS in 2019. However, Windows users with large local media libraries are receiving minor maintenance-mode updates to maintain compatibility with Apple’s devices and services. Apple Previews a trio of apps that will replace iTunes for Windows. Now, previews of new Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps are available in the Microsoft Store for download.

Apple Previews A Trio of Apps that will Replace iTunes for Windows

In terms of music and video functionality, iTunes’ music and video functionality is handled by Apple Music and Apple TV apps. In addition to that, they will also provide access to Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscription services. You can use the Apple Devices app to make local device backups, update the software on your device during an emergency, sync local media, and do everything else you can do with an iDevice connected to your PC, such as making backups, updating, and syncing the device.

Until further notice, if you install any or all of these three apps, you will no longer be able to use iTunes if you install any or all of them. Once you have uninstalled the new apps, you will be able to use iTunes again.

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There are two things that iTunes handles on Windows that your new apps will not be able to handle, according to the source. There are two types of podcasts and audiobooks that you can listen to. In the future, there is a possibility that Apple will make these services available for Windows users as well.

Apple Music’s release notes state that Windows PC users will be unable to access podcasts and audiobooks until a version of iTunes is released that is compatible with Windows PCs.

A number of reports are also claiming that Apple is working on a version of iTunes that will be able to run alongside the new apps along with the current iTunes. Several of the new Windows 11 features and refreshed Surface devices were announced by Microsoft last October, including versions of Apple Music and Apple TV for Windows, along with a number of other new Windows 11 features. Currently, in order for them to be able to run, Windows 11 with the 2022 Update needs to be installed.

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