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The Onyx Boox Tab X Android Tablet With an e-Ink Display

It has been announced that the Boox Tab X, a tablet that runs on Android OS but has a 13.3-inch e-ink screen, has been released. This new Android tablet comes with a number of impressive features, apart from the fact that it has an e-ink display. In addition to its advanced e-ink capabilities, the Boox Tab X has a 13.3-inch screen that is a decent size.

As one of the most innovative e-ink tablets on the market, the Boox Tab X is designed for seamless note-taking and reading on the go. In addition to the accompanying stylus, the Tab X can also be used as an eraser by flipping it over and using it as an eraser instead of a stylus for handwriting. There is an option to pair the tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard if you prefer to take notes instead of typing on the tablet.

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Along with the stylus that comes with the Boox package for the Tab X, the package also includes extra nibs for the stylus as well as a trifold case for the stylus.
This new tablet has a 50% thinner screen assembly than previous iterations of the product, so the screen on it is reminiscent of paper when you are using it. As a result of the tablet being used for handwriting, it also gives the feeling that the handwriting is being done with a pen on paper.

This tablet runs on Android 11 which has been customized in order to optimize the tablet’s performance.

The Google Play Store is the place where apps can be downloaded and installed. With the Super Refresh technology of the device, the performance of the apps is further enhanced. For the purpose of refreshing the screen and avoiding ghosting, the tablet uses a dedicated GPU.

With 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, the Boox Tab X comes with plenty of features. As well as the tablet’s processor, the gyroscope that is built into the tablet is also a Qualcomm product. A 6,300mAh battery is built into the tablet, which delivers a long period of use for the tablet over the course of a day. As per pricing, the Boox Tab X will retail for $879. Apart from its bigger display, the Tab X has the same specs as the Boox Tab Ultra which is significantly less expensive. It remains to be seen how the market reacts to the new Tab X.


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