The realme C35 – An Aesthetic That Will Take Your Breath Away

The realme C35 - An Aesthetic That Will Take Your Breath Away
The realme C35 - An Aesthetic That Will Take Your Breath Away

There is a new Glowing Silk Design on the way! As it did at its launch, the app captured the minds of people just the way it did when it was first released. There is a new version of the realme C35 available with a special upgrade that extends the memory of the phone to 4GB. Those who were looking for a phone that would allow them to flaunt their performance while flaunting a flair for fashion need look no further. A flat rim, shiny glass effect rear, round-edged corners, as well as a flat rim are just some of the features of the Realme C35.

The realme C35 is a premium product that looks and feels like silk, giving it a premium look and feel. As a budget handset, it aims to provide a sense of luxury that is similar to that which would be associated with silk clothes. In terms of aesthetics, it resembles a good deal of phones in the pricier range, in that it is clean, simple, and attractive at the same time. Ancient Chinese society viewed silk as a symbol of wealth and status, and it was considered a status symbol for the wealthy. With the realme C35 you can look expensive without having to spend luxuriously.

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It is not widely known that silk is one of the most durable and elastic textiles on earth, having an incredible tensile strength and elasticity, which makes it one of the strongest textiles on earth. A high level of durability has been incorporated into the realme C35’s design as a result of this. With the realme C35 being tested rigorously by TUV Rheinland and showing its ability to withstand falls, scratches, and the reliability of its components, the realme C35 has been awarded a TUV Rheinland High Reliability Certificate, proving its reliability and durability. In addition to its endurance, silk has also been used to help create the realme C35’s long-lasting 5000mAh battery. It is, like silk, a smooth material that shimmers in the light and feels smooth to the touch. In comparison with most of its competitors, the realme C35 is ultra-thin, with only 8.1mm of thickness, making it thinner than most of their products. As a result, it represents silk, a material that is also thin and smooth, and is also symbolic of silk. The silky smooth experience also extends to the smartphone’s display as it features a 16.7cm (6.6”) FHD Fullscreen that can provide a resolution of up to 2408×1080 so you can see richer details.

With the realme C35, you will definitely be able to stand out from the crowd in the best possible way. Apart from all the eye-catching features already discussed, the realme C35 comes equipped with a powerful 50MP AI Triple Camera so you can capture the best images while you look your best.

Silk’s history of being kept away from the world because of its value only to be shared with the world at a later stage also mirrors realme’s efforts with democratizing technology over the years which was first locked into more premium segments.

realme believes that luxury shouldn’t be hidden behind a steep price tag and that luxury is a feeling everyone deserves.


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