There has been a recent release of the Galaxy S23 series from Samsung. Several bugs and one screen issue have already been reported after the release of the game just a few days after it was released. As a result, many users of the Galaxy S23 Ultra are reporting that their devices do not have internet access via WiFi on them.

There is a problem with WiFi on the Galaxy S23 Ultra – Here is what you need to know about fixing it

According to reports on Reddit and the Samsung Community forums, there is a WiFi connectivity issue with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is affecting many users. It appears that the phone connects to WiFi without having access to the internet even though it is connected to WiFi. The connection seems to last for a short amount of time for some users. The majority of users have reported that this issue is limited to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and all of their other devices in their homes are working fine.

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There have been some reports claiming that this problem can only be caused by routers that have WiFi 6 functionality. A new generation of wireless technology has been introduced to us by the name of WiFi 6 or 802.11ax, and it goes without saying that not everyone possesses a WiFi 6 router. The majority of users still have older standard routers, while a few have the newer Wi-Fi 6E technology routers that are currently in use.

How to Fix the Issue?

This issue has not been fixed by Samsung itself and no fix has been disclosed so far. Samsung has confirmed that the next update will address the issue, according to a Samsung representative. However, there have been some users who have shared some tips on how to fix the problem. I would like to share with you the following list,

  • Some users have reported that the issue has been resolved by disabling Wi-Fi 6 and encryption protocol WPA3.
  • Some Galaxy S23 Ultra users were also able to solve the problem by performing a factory reset.
  • Changing from random MAC addresses to phone MACs, which is what resolves the issue, will disable the random MAC addresses.

As of now, it is unclear exactly how many units have the issue, but it doesn’t appear to be a trivial issue. There have been some reports from users that the problem is occurring on more than one device.


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