TikTok launches a talent management portal

TikTok launches a talent management portal
TikTok launches a talent management portal

As TikTok continues to grow, the process of working with creators is becoming more convenient for brands. A new talent manager portal has been launched by TikTok that allows managers to negotiate with brands for their clients on behalf of TikTok. It is possible for brands and agencies to connect with 800,000 qualified creators throughout the world through this platform.

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A new talent manager portal has been launched by TikTok – now managers can negotiate on behalf of clients with brands.

According to the company, Talent Manager Portal is currently being tested in alpha form and will be available soon. There are already a number of agencies that have signed up for this free service. As far as the names of the testers are concerned, at this point, the company has not disclosed any information about them.

Talent managers will now be able to manage deal flow directly within the Creator Marketplace without having to log in to the platform, they will be able to negotiate contracts on behalf of their talent, they will be able to handle creative feedback and they will be able to review various reports and metrics regarding a campaign’s performance. TikTok’s expansion means it will be able to provide its services to both creators with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers as well as those “celebrity-level” creators as well.

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In addition, TikTok revealed that talent managers will have access only to the Marketplace accounts of their clients, and not the creators’ actual TikTok accounts, as previously described.

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The other side of the equation is that brands have the option of working with talent directly or via “application campaigns.” In addition, brands can create a brief for the opportunity and creators can pitch themselves for it. By using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the marketplace’s match tool is able to map creators to the right brief based on the content they’re posting, further assisting in automating the process.

There is a 26% lift in brand favorability among brands who work with creators, according to TikTok. Compared to last year, there has been an increase of 22% in brand recommendations. In addition, 71% of TikTok users stated that they are now motivated to make a purchase from a brand because of the authenticity of its creators, according to a TikTok study.

As of yet, TikTok has not disclosed the launch date of this portal to the general public. We are hoping to receive it within the next few days or weeks.


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