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Tweet limit exceeded on Twitter: Users can’t tweet

There has been a lot going on in the last few days for Twitter users. It has been a tough couple of months for Twitter users, who have suffered a fair share of erratic policy changes and weird bugs in the past few months. The problem is that they are unable to even tweet today. A large number of users have reported that they were suddenly unable to tweet any longer. There was an incident that took place around 2 p.m. on Wednesday PT. Recent reports claim that the bug seems to be affecting all non-scheduled tweets right now. The point notable here is that those tweets that were scheduled previously or those scheduled moving forward still seem to get through. However, the Twitter outage is consistent across the web and mobile versions of the Twitter app.

In the mobile app, Twitter users are experiencing an error stating that Twitter was not able to send their Tweet. On the web, users are experiencing an error informing them that their limit of tweets has been exceeded. It seems that both of these messages are suggesting that there must be some sort of error or bug related to Twitter’s API configurations regarding rate limits.

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In reality, Twitter actually has a daily tweet limit, but you won’t be able to exceed it until you have posted more than 2,400 tweets in a single day, which is the threshold at which you will exceed this limit. Basically, there seems to be something wrong with Twitter’s platform at the moment, because people are experiencing problems without even tweeting a single time before receiving an error message today, so it appears as if something is quite wrong at this moment on the platform. Furthermore, there appears to be another error that prevents users from following any new accounts as well as following existing accounts. Because of this, many Twitter users are reporting that they are receiving a pop-up message informing them that they are unable to follow more people at the moment.

It is a bad piece of news to tell you that this is not it. The sending of direct messages on Twitter is also reported to be a problem by a number of Twitter users. Whenever the user tries to send a DM for any story on the site, the page fails to load and the user receives an error message. Reports claim that the platform is barely usable right now. However, outbound non-scheduled tweets appeared to be functioning for some users again by around 5 p.m. PT.

Twitter acknowledged the widespread issues yesterday but has yet to tell specifics about what was wrong or when it would be resolved. So, let’s just wait and watch what happens next.


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