‘UPower’ empowers users to exercise power of choice for their connectivity needs – An industry first


Pakistani telecom operator, Ufone 4G is set to deliver unprecedented ease and enablement to its users by giving them greater control over their connectivity needs. ‘UPower’, coming with a catchy tagline ‘Apni Marzi Chala’ (exercise your choice) is designed to enable users to choose from multiple options covering all in one bundle, internet bundle and all network calling bundle that are best suited to their needs. 

UPower features three denominations and within each denomination four different options are offered, so that users can pick and choose from calling, internet, and hybrid bundles to cater their dynamic connectivity needs 

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UPower being an industry first not only offers competitive value proposition but empowers customer to exercise Apni Marzi Chala by opting right bundles at the right time depending on their dynamic requirement 

With the latest offering, Ufone 4G not only lives up to its commitment to delivering greater ease and enablement but also reiterates its commitment to its customers that “its all about U!”


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