Chinese giant Xiaomi is reportedly in the works of testing a new under display camera which will feature with a rather high resolution which has been paired with an FHD+ display coming from Huaxing Optoelectronics.

Previously, Xiaomi had indeed gone on to launch the Xiaomi MIX 4 as the very first commercially selling smartphone from the brand to make its way with the aid of an under-display camera. The resolution for this was 20MP.

However, the upcoming devices making their way with the new UD camera tech will come along with a much more denser pixel count, with resolutions being higher than 20MP. The increased resolution will only further be enhanced by improvements that will be made to the clarity of selfies.

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It is also worth noting at this point then that while under screen camera have of course come a long way in the past, their quality still is no match for the regular selfie cameras that we happen to see in these current days. However, with Xiaomi’s strides in this particular field, it’s important to know that the gap will likely close in – the gap of course which exists between these two.

All in all though, there still is much demand and much technology along with thought that is going into these under display cameras. The technology isn’t at all conventional as far the current moment in time goes, so the practicality that it offers for now isn’t exactly too great. It is then expected that once it becomes more conventional and more and more manufacturers start to equip their devices with such cameras, things will only start to improve more and more. We can only wait and see when exactly this happens, but with Xiaomi’s continuous efforts, one would have to imagine that the day isn’t too far.


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