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The anticipation for the next generation of foldable phones is finally over. Xiaomi has officially announced the launch of the Mix Fold 4, set for release this July. But that’s not all—Xiaomi is also entering the clamshell foldable market with their first-ever flip phone, the Mix Flip.

This exciting news was shared by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun on their social media platform. Although details are limited, the announcement has already generated significant buzz in the tech world.

Mix Fold 4: A New Chapter Unfolds

The Mix Fold 4 follows last year’s Mix Fold 3, which debuted in China. While specifics are still under wraps, the Mix Fold 4 is expected to feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, making it a powerful addition to the foldable market. Like its predecessor, it will likely have a book-style design similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series, unfolding to reveal a tablet-sized display ideal for multitasking and entertainment.

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Mix Flip: Xiaomi’s Clamshell Contender

The standout announcement is the Mix Flip, marking Xiaomi’s entry into the clamshell foldable market currently dominated by Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series. Clamshell foldables offer a compact design that unfolds to reveal a larger display, appealing to users who prefer a phone that easily fits in a pocket. With the Mix Flip, Xiaomi aims to capture a share of this expanding market segment.

Pricing and Availability: The Speculation Continues

While the launch date for both phones is confirmed for July, specific dates and pricing details are yet to be disclosed. Given the premium nature of foldable phones, they are expected to come with a high price tag. It will be interesting to see how Xiaomi positions these new devices against established competitors like Samsung.

A Foldable Future for Xiaomi

The introduction of the Mix Fold 4 and Mix Flip highlights Xiaomi’s commitment to the foldable phone market. These new devices provide consumers with more options, catering to both book-style and clamshell preferences. As foldable technology advances and becomes more affordable, these phones are expected to gain mainstream popularity. Xiaomi’s bold strategy positions them to capitalize on this growing trend

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