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YouTube may soon stream free TV channels

There is a possibility that YouTube might soon offer free access to TV channels. YouTube is reportedly testing a new service – TV channel streaming – which will be free and advertising-supported, as reported in some of the latest reports. At the moment, the company is in talks with a variety of companies regarding the possibility of bringing TV shows, movies, and even whole TV channels onto its platform. Moreover, the company also revealed that the feature is currently in the process of being tested. Not only this but select YouTube users are already testing the service.

The Google-owned company is currently counting viewers’ interest and if everything goes according to plan, it may be able to ask for a 45% cut of the ad revenue if everything goes smoothly. In fact, YouTube also has a deal with content creators in this regard.

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Aside from that, YouTube is also discussing the new plans with Lionsgate and A&E, which are the owners of the History, FYI, and Lifetime channels. There will also be a central hub that will gather all the channels in one place, so that viewers will have the option of selecting from a variety of channels. Currently, YouTube already has a platform known as YouTube Tv which works on a similar model but with a paid subscription.

It seems as if YouTube is attempting to expand its reach once again through this move. In addition to this, YouTube recently signed an agreement with NFL Sunday Ticket. In the near future, the show will be broadcast on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels, starting with this year.

Also, the company is beginning to share the ad revenue it receives on YouTube Shorts with its creators, which could boost the service’s appeal in comparison to TikTok, in the long run.


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