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Nvidas has brought to light a latest $1200 titan X-graphics card that can function up to 11 teraflops. It sights that the graphics chip makers are still putting up there full efforts to dog tie its opponents.
U either have to be a wacky gamer or a loony scientist to crave for such sort of act. The advanced chip, established on nvidias Pascal architecture, handles 12 gigabytes of GDDR5Xmemory,, 3,584 cores, and rushes at a speed of 1.53 gigahertz.
Nvidia signals it to be “the biggest GPU ever built.” it possess of 12 transistors, the building element of electronic devices. It is assessable on the 2nd of august all around the United States and also in the states of Europe for the price of $1200. It will soon be launching in Asia as well!
NVidia forenamed that they initiated with a long shot, when their engineer Brian Kelleher ventured the CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, that the troupe could obtain more than 10 teraflops of total work.

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