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The Huawei P8 max carries a high definition screen that is the largest in-cell HD screen in the world. The incredible design of P8 max enables it to be slimmer, with a better feel and it is easier to carry. The P8 max supports landscape mode, which enables consumers to view and read on the phone while color enhancement technology enables a better visual experience.

The large screen P8 max is equipped with superb features and it is undoubtedly the best suited smart phone for your long-time recreational needs, enabling over 10 hours of video viewing of local files with Huawei’s power saving and power consumption management technology.IMG-01

With a mega beautiful exterior and Huawei P8 max houses a turbo-powered next-generation Kirin 935 Octa-core 64-bit processor, it is the most powerful processor that a Huawei smart phone carries till date. Huawei’s P8 Max runs at 2.2 GHz and with dual-card 4G-LTE support, users will be able to stream, create and share pictures and videos etc at such incredible speeds which they have never experienced before.

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