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Commissioner Karachi has officially announced a revised retail price for milk following successful negotiations with the Dairy Farmers Association.

In a notification issued on Thursday, it was disclosed that the retail price of milk will now stand at Rs 220 per litre, reflecting a Rs 20 increase. Simultaneously, the new wholesale price has been set at Rs 205 per litre, with dairy farmers receiving Rs 195 per litre. This adjustment follows demands from dairy farmers for higher prices despite recent declines in petroleum costs.

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The agreement between the Commissioner and the dairy farmers includes several stipulations aimed at ensuring adherence and upholding milk quality standards.

Under the terms of the agreement, dairy farmers have committed to selling milk at the newly established official prices. Strict measures will be implemented against those who do not comply with this pricing structure. Furthermore, the agreement mandates that milk retailers refrain from seeking additional price hikes until December 31, 2024.

The agreement also requires dairy farmers to prominently display purchase and sale rates, while maintaining the quality of milk from farm to retailer.

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